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Get Your Dog's Jumping Under Control With Dog Training
James Boyle wrote in dogsinschool
Get Your Dog's Jumping Under Control With Dog Training

Dogs make fantastic companions. They are loyal, loving, and make a house a home. Dogs are naturally exuberant and sometimes this exuberance can get them in trouble, especially when they jump on everyone they see. Most people don't like being jumped on by a strange dog and it can even be dangerous, especially if the person is old or frail.


If your dog knocks someone over and injures them, you are responsible for their medical bills. It is also just plain bad manners letting your dog jump all over everyone it sees. The best way to get your dog's behavior under control is to hire a dog trainer or enroll in in dog training classes.


Trainers are experienced in effective behavioral techniques that can be used to train dogs properly. They will modify your dog's behavior so it stops jumping on people. Trainers use a combination of psychological training and treats to change your dog's behavior for the better.


Once your dog is through with the training you will notice that it listens and responds to you instead of ignoring you and doing what it wants. You won't have to worry about your dog hurting someone anymore or embarrassing you in public or when you have friends over. A well trained dog is a huge blessing.

Training sessions are affordable and you can find trainers online, through pet stores, word of mouth or even through your vet. Your dog will need weekly sessions until the behavior is under control which usually takes about a month.

Don't risk being sued or hurting someone because your dog can't stop jumping on people. Help is available. Be a responsible dog owner and get your dog under control with the help of an experienced dog trainer.